Scale 1 : 48


The 1:48 scale enthusiasts. Be surprised about the possibilities in this scale.

Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Coastal Cottage Kit

This whimsical quarter scale structure had its origin as the Acorn Wood Cottage. It is now being offered as a basic kit with assembly instructions for you to “Make It Your Own”. Our “own” ideas are pictured –  Coastal Cottage. You will receive the laser cut cottage (floor, walls, roof, window frames, door, shutters, and fireplace) as well as the resin chimney and faux diamond pane windows. Also included is the Coastal Cottage idea packet which has extended how-to instructions for finishing details, 2 color photos and 4-5 printies/punchies. Please note: Extra instructions are meant as a creative idea stimulator and do not include items shown in decorated photos.
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Winter Woodland Market Stall Kit

Quarter Scale Winter Woodland Market Stall kit.  Kit includes all items shown in picture, including laser cut wood, "diamond paned glass" window, punches for houses, straw for wreath, picture kit, and extra birds.  Complete instructions (in English) and a picture CD.
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Namfoodle's Gnome Home Kit

This kit takes you to an imaginary land where little gnomes run free. The kit comes complete with everything needed to complete your scene, from the pre-formed “mound”, right down to the tiny mail in the mailbox! The easy to follow instructions (English) lead you through the steps, there are also supply hints for working with the materials. The kit is designed to fit flat inside a standard 5” x 7” (12,7 cm x 17,8 cm) picture frame (not included). Namfoodle’s is made with pre-formed plastic walls and placed on a foam “mound”. You will use our detailing parts to give this cottage its fairyland charm. Finished size is 5” x 7” (12,7 cm x 17,8 cm).
Delivery time:3-10 dagen

Snickerdoodle Lane Kit

This little cottage is decked out for Winter.  The rear wall can be left open or closed and walls are preformed, for easy assembly. Interior accessorizing is up to you (although we do supply wallpaper). Foam "mounded ground" and all the fun details (a snowman to place in the front yard, a tiny Christmas tree, candy canes for the entry, the mailbox filled with Christmas cards,  silver beads to hang from your tree and snow sprinkles) are all included. All you'll need to supply is a twiggy branch from your yard to use as the tree (sorry....we couldn't figure out how to package that without breakage). Finished house is 3-1/2" (8,9 cm) tall. The completed project can be inserted into a standard 5" x 7" (12,7 cm x 17,8 cm) picture frame.